Wood products in the province of Lerida

ID: 34945

Commercial agent of wood products in the province of Lerida

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 We are kitchen specialists and offer:

- Custom machined doors of our own manufacture, with a wide range of designs in stock.

- Kitchen hardware and accessories: we offer a complete range of hardware and accessories for the manufacture and renovation of kitchens. This includes hinges, handles, smart storage systems and more, to help professionals create functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchens.

Other products and services:

- Wood and boards: we have a large stock of high quality wood and boards for construction, joinery, carpentry and decoration projects. - Cutting with Sectioning and Edging Machines with cutting-edge technology to offer precision cutting and edging services. Etc,


Surtidos y productos

Construcción:  Ventanas, puertas, portones, elementos de construcción, Madera

Grupos de clientes y grupos objetivo

Mercado del consumo, Sector mayorista

Territorio de ventas