Austroroll® -Innovation in switch point construction

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We are looking for a sales representative in the railway infrastructure sector for our switch point rollers.

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Austroroll® - rolling instead of lubricating

With the high quality Austroroll® switch point rollers we reduce downtime, increase track availability - and at the same time- lower maintenance costs for our customers.
Austroroll is a maintenance-free switch point roller that sets itself apart due to its impressive robustness, simple assembly and high operational efficiency. It is the only permanent flexible switch point roller in the world and has a 5 years warranty. In this regard, its significant advantages are that the resulting switch throwing force is drastically reduced and there is no longer a requirement to lubrication of the slide plate’s. This minimises both operating costs as well as switch point malfunctions and protects the environment, additional removing a maintenance activity from the live rail environment. The throwing force can be reduced up to 60% and payback time is below 2 years.

AUSTROROLL® is a brand of the global Wieland Group. Wieland is one of the world's leading suppliers of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products. With a global network of production sites, service and trading companies, the company offers a broad product, technology and service portfolio. 

We are looking for an experienced sales representative in the railway sector to work with us on the Italian market. 

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