Furniture sector

ID: 34250

Commercial agent for Madrid and/or Barcelona for the furniture sector

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 SitLand Spa is looking for agents for Madrid and Barcelona/Catalonia. The company produces office furniture solutions, in particular office chairs and armchairs for waiting areas, communities and public spaces, which operates in international markets. Italian company, leader in the sector, recognized for the quality and design of its products. Manufacturing company with 100% made in Italy production. We are looking for agents in the office sector, who deal with design and quality brands and who allow the development of the business in the areas of competence. The company is structured with a customer service office in Spanish. Availability of marketing material and CRM computer support.

Surtidos y productos

Hogar:  Mobiliario de oficina

Papel, embalaje, material de oficina:  Equipamiento de oficina, ofimática

Grupos de clientes y grupos objetivo

Mercado del consumo, Sector mayorista

Territorio de ventas

Barcelona and Madrid