Commercial services for owners

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Commercial services for owners

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 In SPANISH PROPERTY GUARANTEE S.L. We are looking for a person who wants to grow professionally in a growing company with a gift for people.

We offer the possibility of offering a unique and exclusive service to homeowners, the insurance sector and the real estate market.

We offer high commissions of up to 30% of the service, we also pay per diems and the possibility of paying self-employed fees or reaching fixed numbers. We offer to keep exclusively the area you choose to exploit.

nsurance against squatters in the only company on the market that offers a service to homeowners who want to protect their property from squatters, whether they are second homes, rental apartments, tourist apartments, etc. Said Guarantee protects the house, in case of suffering the dreaded squats the owner will not have to pay anything extra, we will take care of everything until the house is recovered through extrajudicial means  


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