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 From Pharma Biozyme we want to expand our commercial team.

We are looking for commercial agents for different areas of Spain to help us market and publicize our EMLIFE brand products, made using effective microorganisms. Pharma Biozyme has been a pioneer in developing Europe's first organic liquid probiotic.

We address health professionals, pharmacies and parapharmacies, health food stores, organic food stores and distributors.

Essential knowledge and experience in the health sector. We are looking for people who share our values: Health, personal and animal welfare, sustainability and ecology.

Probiotic food supplement



Surtidos y productos

Alimentos, vinos, licores:  Comida natural, productos bio, productos de tiendas de alimentación saludable

Productos médicos, atención sanitaria:  Cuidado corporal, productos de bienestar, productos de fitness, complementos nutricionales, Productos de tiendas de alimentación saludable

Grupos de clientes y grupos objetivo

Sector minorista (con puntos de venta), Sector mayorista

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