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Sale of CAFÉ DE PARÍS sauce for shops, Horeca and Catering

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We are Food&Magic, a young company that has created our version of the iconic Café de Paris sauce. A highly demanded product whose recipe we have been perfecting for several years. We are working to launch new gourmet products of the same quality.

The sauce has the following characteristics: more than 29 ingredients, does not require refrigeration and has a shelf life of 4 years.

We have two formats, 230 ml glass (shops and retail) and 1L PET for the horeca sector.

Since our introduction to the market in March 2022, we have managed to enter more than 100 points of sale in Catalonia. Our strategy is based on giving the product a try and if they like, they place the first order. With this we obtain an 80% market penetration.

It is a product with a good turnover and constant sales, whether in winter or summer. Each client buys an average box of 24 units from us each month.


Surtidos y productos

Alimentos, vinos, licores:  Conservas, Delicatesen

Grupos de clientes y grupos objetivo

Sector minorista (con puntos de venta), Sector mayorista

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