Commercial agent Beauty & Wellness Sector

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Commercial agent Beauty & Wellness Sector

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 We are manufacturers of an innovative and unique nutricosmetic product: Organic infusions enriched with clinically proven active ingredients for beauty and well-being, to be marketed in beauty centers, wellness centers, spas, large supermarkets and specialized stores, pharmacies and parapharmacies.

We are looking for commercial representatives in Spain with a client portfolio to introduce and market the product. Remuneration through attractive commissions. sign up and we will explain more about our project and product.


Surtidos y productos

Alimentos, vinos, licores:  Bebidas sin alcohol

Productos médicos, atención sanitaria:  Cuidado corporal, productos de bienestar, productos de fitness, complementos nutricionales, Cosmética, Cosmética: Ingredientes, materias primas, Productos y suministros farmacéuticos

Grupos de clientes y grupos objetivo

Mercado del consumo, Sector mayorista

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