Sample extraction and analysis systems

ID: 34006

Products of representative sample extraction and analysis systems for different sectors (agri-food, food, chemical, pharmaceutical...)

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 We are a company with many years of experience in the manufacture of projects for clients in the agri-food and food sector, and faced with the great demand we receive for personalized and tailored manufacturing, we have started a new project where we offered products developed for the extraction and sampling of representative analyses.
We address companies from different sectors such as agri-food, food, pharmaceutical and chemical, to facilitate the entire issue of traceability in the samples to be obtained from incoming food or materials. The product to be sampled can be from grain, cereal, nuts, powder to granules of different materials.
We are very interested in making the SEMARP brand known to promote these products throughout the national territory, to provide solutions to different companies from different sectors on the issue of traceability.

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Alimentos, vinos, licores:  Comida para animales

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