Spanish Foundries look for agents in German speaking countries

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We have all kind of foundries in our associatoin that need sales agents for the german market. Ferrous & Non-Ferrous castings for all client sectors

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We are the Spanish Export Association for Foundries and we help Spanish foundries to get business opportunities on international markets, being Germany our main market. The Spanish foundry sector is a very strong and important industry with centuries of experience. It is currently the fourth producer in the EU and the first exporter in terms of volume, so this indicates it is a competitive industry and can be an excellent supplier.

We are looking for sales agents for our foundries with experience in different industrial sectors and especially with the foundry industry. The contracts are individual and negotiated between each foundry-agent and we only put the two parties in contact (no commissions on our side). 

Within the association we have all kinds of foundries so please contact us with your speciality and what kind of client sector you have most experience with.

Surtidos y productos

Ingeniería:  Industria de abastecimiento: Productos de fundición, Industria de abastecimiento: Moldeado por inyección

Grupos de clientes y grupos objetivo

Tecnología aeronáutica, construcción de ferrocarriles, tecnología militar, Construcción de edificios y obras públicas, industria del vidrio, Industria eléctrica e industria electrónica, Empresas de ingeniería, Sector mobiliario, sector gastronómico, Construcción de maquinaria, construcción de plantas, fabricación de aparatos, Industria metalúrgica, Industria del papel, industria gráfica, Sector automovilístico, sector de vehículos industriales, Industria maderera, fabricación de ventanas, fabricación de puertas

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