Wanted the best LED street lighting representatives in Germany

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We are looking for an experienced and skilled representative for our complete lighting portfolio including functional and decorative public lighting.

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We are looking for an experienced and skilled representative for our complete lighting portfolio including functional and decorative public lighting luminaires, poles and bollards in different regions of Germany. You will work as an independent sales agent for Benito Urban Lighting.


Your main activity: to find new customers visiting Municipalities, Government Departments, Landscape architects, Lighting Designers and Engineers, Electrical Distributors, Electrical Contractors, Private Owners or Shopping Malls, Hotels, Housing developments, Industries… willing to improve lighting in terms of efficiency and design,... to finally achieve sales for Benito whilst giving clients technical support.

You will be responsible for the entire sales process as well as monitoring your portfolio's return and customer satisfaction.


- Very well connected in your local market with active customers in lighting.
- Knowledge and experience in the street lighting business.
- Strong skills in entrepreneurship, customer portfolio management or business development.
- Rigorous, ambitious and autonomous.


Government Agencies
Landscape architects
Lighting designers and Engineers
Electrical Distributors
Electrical Contractors
Shopping malls


Attractive, cost-effective functional and decorative street lighting range of luminaires, poles and bollards for public and private projects where quality and durability is a must. Benito is present in 80% of the Spanish municipalities. We expect to start our first steps in the same direction in Germany very soon with your experience, advice and help for mutual benefit.




BENITO URBAN is the heir to a century old machinery casting and forging business that has turned into a leader in the global Urban Equipment industry, with sales in more than 50 countries, a professional and dedicated team and the resources to assure a growing global presence.

BENITO URBAN manages the whole production process: from product design to manufacturing, distribution and sales. It offers four product ranges including, Street Lighting, Site Furnishing, Covers and Grates and Playgrounds and Sports Equipment, with more than 6,000 items.

BENITO URBAN pays special attention to quality, design and innovation. In terms of quality, the ISO 9001 certification awarded in 2001 was followed by specific homologations, quality and technical certifications for each individual product and in several countries. As for design and product development, BENITO URBAN has registered over 500 patents and is constantly focusing on new ways to innovate its products, materials and designs always keeping in line with the latest trends and adapting its products to meet end users’ specific needs and behaviours. To this end, BENITO URBAN collaborates with prominent architects and designers such as Rafael Moneo and Juan Navarro Baldeweg, among others.

In addition to its business mission, BENITO URBAN is also involved in humanitarian and social inclusion projects, as well as supporting athletic and cultural initiatives.




Surtidos y productos

Construcción:  Material y maquinaria de construcción, equipamiento para la obra de construcción, Instalaciones externas, construcción de carreteras, paisajismo, Horticultura, Bienes inmuebles: Instalaciones deportivas, construcción de centros deportivos, Instalaciones solares, sistemas de energía fotovoltaica

Ingeniería:  Sistemas de propulsión eléctrica, Dispositivos y componentes electrónicos, Sistemas de iluminación

Otros:  Comercio de electricidad, asesoramiento energético, Estaciones de servicio

Grupos de clientes y grupos objetivo

Peritos, Arquitectos, interioristas, Construcción de edificios y obras públicas, industria del vidrio, Industria eléctrica e industria electrónica, Empresas de ingeniería, Ingenieros, Municipios, servicios municipales, Promotores inmobiliarios, maestros de obras, Organismos públicos, instituciones, Gastronomía, hostelería, Sector minorista (con puntos de venta)

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