Sale masks and other individual protection products

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Sale masks and other individual protection products for the retail channel

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Vitae Pharma Medical, manufacturer and marketer of masks and other personal protection equipment, located in Valencia, needs to incorporate COMMERCIAL AGENTS to cover different geographical areas, both in the Peninsula and in the Balearic and Canary Islands with the possibility of making it compatible with other companies as long as they are not direct competition in the sector.


Create and manage your own client portfolio

Market a range of reference products in the market, preferably aimed at the retail, pharmacy and parapharmacy, health and hospital channels

Plan commercial visits and optimize the organization of the agenda.


Surtidos y productos

Productos médicos, atención sanitaria:  Suministros para hospitales y hogares de ancianos

Grupos de clientes y grupos objetivo

Hospitales, hospitales psiquiátricos, Hogares de personas mayores, centros de cuidados, Otros

Territorio de ventas