Exciting new fragrant Toilet Freshener hits Europe

ID: 35009

Toilet Tapes is an ingenious toilet freshener that is simply taped to the toilet rim. A variety of different fragrances makes it an easy sell


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Toilet Tapes, the self adhesive taped Toilet freshener is the faster moving toiletry product that has already made great inroads to various parts of Europe.


Agents now required in Italy and parts of France.

Vacancies fill quickly so do not procrastinate and allow this amazing opportunity to slip through your fingers


Product Ranges and Products

Home and Living:  Household supplies

Customers and Target Groups

Consumer market, End-consumer, Hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, Nursing homes, long-term care centres, Public authorities, institutions, Restaurants, hotels, Retail trade (with outlets or branches), Retail trade (without outlets or branches), Wholesale

Sales Region

Italy and parts of France