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Recherche agent commercial pour commercialisation Purification écologique de l’eau OLÉO


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Le procédé OLÉO est de la purification écologique et naturelle de l’eau basé sur le Carbone Argent SilCarb®.


Product Ranges and Products

Construction:  Industrial kitchen equipment, Iron wares, tools, metal fittings, Measuring & control devices, building automation, Tiles, natural stone, Water heaters, heat pumps, heat exchangers, accessories, Windows, doors, gates, building elements, Wood

Engineering:  Electronic devices, electrical components, House automation, building system engineering

Foodstuffs, Wines, Liquors:  Alcohol-free beverages, Baked goods, Canned foods, preserves, Confectionery, Dairy products, Delicatessen and fine foods, Fish, seafood, Frozen foods, Ingredients, raw materials, Meat, sausages, poultry, Spirits, beer, Staples, basic foods, Wines, sparkling wines, champagne

Home and Living:  Applied arts, Bath textiles, Bathroom furniture, Bedding, Ceramics, Drapery and curtain fabrics, decorative fabrics, Floristry, wicker ware, basket ware, Frames, albums, Furniture, Glass, Hotel supplies, restaurant supplies, industrial kitchen supplies, Household appliances (white goods), lamps, lighting, installation articles, Household supplies, Interior decoration, home accessories, Kitchen furnishings, Living room furniture, bedroom furniture, Metal goods, Office furniture, Small furniture, case goods, Textile floor coverings

Customers and Target Groups

Consumer market, Food and beverage industry, luxury foods industry, tobacco, Wholesale

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