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Antiaging nutricosmetics sector for new product


In Lustycare, S.L. we work to help people maintain their vitality and capacity regardless of chronological age, by developing a family of products specifically at counteracting oxidative and inflammatory processes that trigger aging process, compromising the intellectual and physical abilities of human being.
Taking advantage of the extraordinary developement of the science of plant properties, at Lustycare we propose to present to the market products plased on plant extracts, specifically preserving mental abilities , physiology, joint quality, or the properties of the skin.
This is the first of a series of premium products in the antiaging line, with capsules.

We are looking for:
-Representative of our brand for beauty centers, beauty clinics, natural prodcuts centers and pharmacies.
-Person with good communicative skills and good presence.

We offer:
-Product Training
-Compensation for commission and bonus for objectives.

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